Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Osteoarthritis is a very common condition, which is mainly degenerative and characterized by wear and aging. In rare cases, it may occur at an early age, originating from a traumatic injury if not properly treated. This degenerative phenomenon often resists attempts to reduce pain, instead formation of periarticular ossifications (osteophytes) can cause disabling restrictions to movement. This condition can occur in otherwise healthy joints affected by altered joint mechanics, or due to malformations caused by previous injuries. It is particularly prevalent in women and overweight patients. In those suffering from this condition, repetition of certain movements or flawed posture can cause irreversible damage to joints in the long run. 

Symptoms are well defined in these cases; pain, swelling, limp walking, feelings of resistance in the joints and cracking noises from joints during activities all point towards this diagnosis. 

To reach a definitive diagnosis, clinical and radiological methods are typically used. X-rays provide a good picture of any abnormalities in the skeletal profile, whilst CT and MRI scans can detect abnormalities in cartilaginous tissues. 

Well-designed rehabilitation programs can improve the quality of life for those suffering, by reducing pain and restoring range of motion to the joint therefore slowing an advancement of the condition. As always, we believe that improving movements through therapy is fundamental to success. There are some basic guidelines patients should follow to reduce the effects of osteoarthritis. These include weight loss, or conversely avoiding excessive physical exercise, as well as maintaining correct posture during both day and night.

While neck pain is common, it is not normal and should receive professional medical care to determine the cause. Dr. Daniel J. Saenz at MVMT Matters in Sacramento, California, is experienced in accurately diagnosing and treating chronic and debilitating neck pain. Call today to schedule your appointment.