Iliotibial Band 'ITB' Syndrome

This term indicated a framework of chronic inflammation that affects the last section of the fascia lata (iliotibial section) where there may be mechanical friction that generates a painful inflammation condition, felt most during movements of flexion and extension of the knee. This syndrome is particularly prevalent among footballers, runners, and cyclists and it may arise from overloading of the joints, or from training on hard or irregular surfaces. Some anatomical factors may increase the incidence of the disease, such as varus knee and hypo-extensibility of the posterior muscular chain. The main symptom is pain at the lateral part of the knee. Sometimes there is also swelling at the insertion points of the tendons. Sport is often made impossible due to pain and the feelings of stiffness that accompany it. 

The diagnosis is essentially clinical. Ultrasound can help in confirming the diagnosis and showing the degree of inflammation. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may be useful in the differential diagnosis between this and an external meniscal condition. The treatment is almost always conservative and consists of a mix of physical and manual therapy. In the acute phase it is necessary to reduce, change, or suspend sporting activity depending on the severity of the situation. Surgical solutions can be considered in selected cases where resistance to the conservative treatment is found.

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