Ankle Sprain

Most people will experience an ankle sprain at some point in their life, ankle sprains are the most frequently seen sports injury and are particularly prevalent amongst professional athletes. 

The most common cause is the internal rotation of the foot. Sprained ankles can also be caused by eversion (an external rotation of the foot) and sometimes both injuries can coincide. The ligament most prone to an inversion injury is the anterior talofibular (ATFL) followed by the calcaneal fibular (CFL) and the posterior talofibular (PTFL). While eversion injuries more often result from an injury to the deltoid ligament,. The swelling is usually immediate and pain can be very intense,. Movement is severely limited due to the swelling, whilst the ankle’s stability can also be affected in more severe cases. 

If the area around the ankle is remarkably swollen, an X-ray is usually performed to rule-out the presence of any fractures. An ultrasound performed a few days after the injury can help to highlift distortion or ligament damage. In rare cases, the examination can be complete with an MRI or CT scan. 

Rehabilitation following acute traumatic injuries is crucial for the restoration of joint stability and for it to function dynamically. It is also important that the patient continues a maintenance program once their rehabilitation is complete in order to avoid the problem recurring.

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